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Palm Springs

Dreaming up some travel plans and imagining how much more fun it will be to travel with our sweet girl.

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Finally finding the time to refresh and be inspired. Hoping this early Thanksgiving in the studio inspires you. Happy fall (winter?).

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Gosh I hope wide leg pants are making a come back. I’ve never stopped loving them, but I’m afraid the rest of the world has.

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Trousers: Hudson, of course from ages ago. Blouse: Levi’s. Adventure hat: Anthropologie.

Chilaquiles Brunch


I think I am a pretty equal mix of both my parents. Looks, demeanor, interests. My dad is creative and collected. And my mom is spontaneous and caring. Dad enjoys writing and listening, mom enjoys hosting and meeting new people. And we all love to eat. It is what brings us together. And there is ALWAYS a reason to have a meal together. This is where I am a complete mix of mom and dad. I am a huge lover of all things greasy and snacky. It is my weakness. Burgers, pizza, chips. Pub food. My mouth is watering now. On the other hand though I love trying new foods – and growing up as a picky eater, I am still trying new foods almost every day. So here we go, for all you snacky people out there. Breakfast nachos. With a spin of something new. One of my favorite breakfasts to order and now has become one of my favorite things to make. I should preface by saying, I am no chef. I’m not even sure if this is an accurate depiction of chilaquiles. But this is how we make it around here. And it is GOOD.

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Chilaquiles for two:

In a medium frying pan, on medium heat, cook  diced red and or green pepper, tomato, jalapeno, and onion.

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While veggies are cooking, crack four eggs, scramble with 1/4 cup milk and salt and pepper. Cook in a separate pan over medium to high heat until finished.

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Add pre-cooked chorizo to the veggies. And after a few minutes, add a few handfuls of the tortilla chips and gently fold them in. (Excuse my less than accurate recipe, use amounts as you please!)

chilaquiles1012 chilaquiles1013 chilaquiles1015

After it cooks for about 5-10 minutes (until the chips are a bit soggy and a bit crisped at the same time) sprinkle a blend of Mexican cheese on top. Add the cooked eggs and cilantro.

chilaquiles1017 chilaquiles1018

And of course, add Sriracha as needed!

Little Black Dress Monday

It’s Monday morning. In this family that means catching up on sleep, waking up appropriately late, and seeking adventure together. Something inspiring before the week begins. We like to go against the grain over here. Work over weekends (somewhat by choice) while the world plays, sleep while the world wakes, grab a spot at our favorite restaurants while the rest have busy work schedules to keep. It works out quite nicely for us. Monday is for lounging and avoiding emails. For catching up and adventuring. Planning to de-plan.

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My ready for anything dress. Bought in an XL for extra comfortable lounging purposes. Ready to double as fancy-take-me-out attire. It’s H&M.  And the boots, JCREW.