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Bridal Shower for a Beautiful Lady

Andrea is one of my dearest friends. She is sweet, intuitive, caring, and passionate. A leader at heart – always planning something fun and exciting. And figuring out ways to include more friends. A difficult lesson for the rest of us small group, intimate setting, I-only-want-to-see-my-people-type people. I treasure her and jumped at the chance to shower her with love over afternoon tea and to celebrate her being married to Daniel. Who is equally as sweet and adorable as she.

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I’ve never been one for mixing flowers in a bouquet, but now I know I’ve just never seen it like this! Cannot imagine a more beautiful arrangement for our shower. Soft and vibrant all in one. Thanks to Pistil and Vine.

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Real life bridal pin board proved to be just as beautiful on a real life wall than on a computer screen.


Ever coated the side of a cake with sprinkles (or coconut or nuts)? The trick is to grab a handful of sprinkles, and gently pat them into the side of the cake, working your way up the frosting. Don’t need to push too hard.

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Obligatory shower games. Kept as cheese-less as possible. And the winners, gifted with Trader Joes chocolate bars. Because, who doesn’t wanna?


Gold spray paint came quite in handy for a gold themed shower. Succulents from Home Depot as the party favor. $3 for a container of three.

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The beautiful couple. Can’t wait to photograph these two in their bridal best.


All china provided by my sweet mother in law. She has a great eye for beauty.

Bridal Crown by Pistil and Vine as well.


Because some days call for v-neck tees and double denim. And taking time to go for a walk with your husband, even though you have a pile of work to do. What’s most important to you? Add the time for it to your “to-do” list today.

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Jacket: Zara via Buffalo Exchange, Denim Shirt: JCrew, Tee: Urban Outfitters, Pants: JCrew, Shoes: Crown Vintage via DSW